Do you feel discomfort when you take a sip of hot coffee? Do your teeth hurt when you crunch down on a cold piece of ice?  If so, you may have sensitive teeth, due in part to either a cracked tooth, gum recession, or tooth enamel has worn away.  The sensitivity is caused by a nerve being exposed to what you put in your mouth.  Ask your dentist if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, but in the meantime you can reduce the sensation by avoiding or modifying how you eat the following foods.

Hard Foods

Eating hard foods like ice, nuts and hard candy can trigger pain in sensitive teeth. Hard foods can also further tooth sensitivity by potentially cracking more teeth.

Acidic Foods

Consuming highly acidic foods and drinks like coffee, alcohol, lemonade and limeade, tomato sauces, and caffeinated drinks eat away at tooth enamel and help cause tooth sensitivity.  Avoiding these foods is the best option, but using a straw to help bypass your teeth when drinking these acidic liquids can help reduce the damage and pain.

Hot or Cold Foods

Eating or drinking something hot or cold can cause tooth pain if you have sensitive teeth.  Hot liquids, such as hot soup, coffee, or tea can cause pain and so can the opposite end of the temperature spectrum with very cold foods like ice cream and other frozen treats or iced drinks.

If you think you are suffering from tooth sensitivity try avoiding these foods, and you can always call us at (647) 794-1108 to help.

Have sensitive teeth? Here are foods to avoid.

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