Have you ever wondered if you are flossing properly? One of the best ways to floss is called the “spool” method. You will want to start with an 18 inch long piece of dental floss. Then take the piece of floss and wind most of it loosely around the middle finger of one hand and the rest around your other middle finger. As you pull the fingers apart to create tension in the floss, you will use the thumbs and index fingers to guide the floss around the teeth. When you need some fresh floss, you can unspool some clean floss from the reserve wrapped around your finger, and wind up the dirty floss on the other finger.

Whether you use this method or not the cleaning motion of flossing remains the same:

  • Pull the floss snug against tooth surfaces
  • Work the floss up and down, from the chewing surface of the tooth to below the gum line, and back
  • Do this for all of the tooth surfaces, including both sides of the spaces in between teeth.
Flossing Technique

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